Wichita Symphony Orchestra Print Ads

Graphic Design

CLIENT: Wichita Symphony Orchestra

The Wichita Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest active arts programs in the state of Kansas, going back more than 70 years. With a history of excellence in programming and a mission to enrich the community the WSO is a hallmark of the Wichita metro area.



Create a series of recurring newspaper ads for The Wichita Symphony Orchestra, and update the look and feel of the ads from previous seasons.


WSO has long had a sharp and clean look and feel to their brand, but previous seasons' newspaper ads were typically lists of several upcoming shows. To update the look of the ads the next upcoming show became the focus of the ad, treating the show as more of a special event, rather than one in the list. By using recurring elements in the header and footer of the ads, as well as recurring typographical elements a since of continuity between the ads was maintained, while still providing enough variation for each show to give it it's own identity.