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CLIENT: safehope

The Harvey County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Task Force changed their name to safehope when their service coverage area expanded to include Marion and McPherson counties. This non-profit organization provides outreach and advocacy servies to victims of domestic and sexual violence and their families. They have been in operation for nearly three decades and are highly committed to their work.



With the expanded service area the organization rebranded as safehope, and with the rebrand came a need for a new website. The organization wanted the new site to include information for victims, advocates, and donors. The site also needs to act as a communication portal for those in need of their services.


With a limited budget available the website was built using Adobe Muse and deployed via Adobe's Business Catalyst platform, offering built in blog functionality and an easy to use in browser editor, which allows safehope to make their own content updates and blog posts. The design of the site takes it look and feel from the new safehope branding, and makes use of elements from the new logo. Additionally the photography used throughout the site makes sure to be inclusive across race, gender and age.


A critical element on the new site is the Exit Now button at the top of each page that, when clicked, will take the user off the page, remove the site from the browser history, and pull up the Weather Channel homepage. This featured was enacted as a safety mechanism for any users who may be in crisis and are afraid their partner would react badly to them looking at this kind of information.


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